October 21, 2021
How to Install Oracle SQL Developer on Ubuntu

How To Install Oracle SQL Developer On Ubuntu 18.04 LTS

Oracle SQL Developer is a tool that is liked by developers in their daily activities. This tools is built and maintained by Oracle Corporation and free for all users. Oracle SQL Developer is graphical tool that enhances productivity and simplifies development tasks. With SQL Developer, developers could be able to browse all database objects, run SQL statements and SQL scripts, edit and rectify PL/SQL statements, manipulate and export data, and also build reports. Beside Oracle databases, we also could be able to connect to designated third-party (non-Oracle) databases and migrate these databases to Oracle. On this article we will show you how to install Oracle SQL Developer On Ubuntu 18.04 TLS.

With SQL Developer users can connect to schemas for MySQL and selected third-party (non-Oracle) databases, such as : Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase Adaptive Server, and IBM DB2, and view metadata and data in these databases. The latest version of Oracle SQL Developer is version 19.2 and this is the latest stable version that can be download freely.

Installing Oracle SQL Developer version 21.2.1 on Rocky Linux 8 desktop, can be found on https://otodiginet.com/database/how-to-install-oracle-sql-developer-on-rocky-linux-8/ article.

Oracle SQL Developer Installation Steps


Ensure the required Java Platform is Installed

Before continuing the SQL Developer downloading, we have to ensure our Ubuntu environment support the SQL Server to run properly. The SQL Developer is very dependent on Java platform, so we have to ensure if the required Java platform is installed on our environment. The simple way to check it, is by issuing the command line java -version, and unfortunately my environment the Java was not there. But Ubuntu nicely tell me what to do, as below :

ramans@ubuntu:~/Downloads$ java -version
Command 'java' not found, but can be installed with:
sudo apt install default-jre            
sudo apt install openjdk-11-jre-headless
sudo apt install openjdk-8-jre-headless 
java installation
java version
Download The SQL Developer Source

The next step is download the source of Oracle SQL Developer from Oracle official website. The URL will be on http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/sql-developer/downloads/index.html and chose the ‘Other platform’ for our Ubuntu source. But before download is continue we will be asked to fill the Oracle account.

dwonload SQL Developer from Oracle official website

By default, the source code will be located on /home/<user_name>/Downloads/. Make the sqldeveloper subdirectory under /opt/ and unzip the source file and move it to /opt/sqldeveloper/ directory. The unzip files will be under sqldeveloper folder.

ramans@ubuntu:cd /opt$ 
ramans@ubuntu:/opt$ sudo mkdir sqldeveloper

Unzip File And Move To Under /opt directory

The files will be on /opt/sqldeveloper as shown below :

sqldevelope files

Change the sqldeveloper.sh file to be executeble file and create soft link.

ramans@ubuntu:/opt/sqldeveloper$ /opt/sqldeveloper$ sudo chmod +x /opt/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper.sh
ramans@ubuntu:/opt/sqldeveloper$ sudo ln -s /opt/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper.sh 
sqldeveloper file create link
Configure The sqldeveloper Could Be Called on Terminal and Ubuntu Desktop

Indeed, at this step the SQL Developer appliacation can running by calling it with the /opt/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper.sh command from the terminal. And we will make it more convenient to be running on everywhere from terminal and from the Ubuntu Appliation Manager.

To enable the SQL Developer could be running every where from the desktop, just edit the /opt/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper.sh as below :

ramans@ubuntu:/$ cd /opt/sqldeveloper/
ramans@ubuntu:/opt/sqldeveloper$ vi sqldeveloper.sh
#cd "dirname $0"/sqldeveloper/bin && bash sqldeveloper $* unset -v GNOME_DESKTOP_SESSION_ID cd /opt/sqldeveloper/sqldeveloper/bin && bash sqldeveloper $*
SQLDevrunning everywhereon desktop

To make the SQL Developer application showing on Ubuntu Application manager, create the sqldeveloper.desktop under /usr/share/applications directory as shown below :

ramans@ubuntu:cd /usr/share/applications
ramans@ubuntu:/usr/share/applications$ ls -ltr *.desktop
ramans@ubuntu:/usr/share/applications$ sudo vi sqldeveloper.desktop
[Desktop Entry]
How to enable SQL Developer showing on dekstop

Call the SQL Developer from the Desktop and the application will ber running as below.

Oracle SQL Developer for the first use
Oracle SQL Developer is running for the first time on Ubuntu 18.04 TLS

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