January 26, 2022

Veritas Netbackup Media Manager Status Code

If we are using Veritas Netbackup software as our backup platform for our infrastructures, we will have to be familiar with Media Manager. Media Manager is used by NetBackup and Storage Migrator to provide media and device management capabilities for tape and optical disk drives. There will be daemons/processes which is running to manage and control the tape/devices/media/robotics for ensuring the data to be stored properly. Sometime in the backup daily operation, there will be failure related to media manager process.

Here are the status codes related to Veritas Netbackup Media Manager taken from Netbackup 8.2 RefGuide Status Codes documents :

1 request completed
2 system error
3 user ID was not superuser
4 invalid command usage
5 daemon resources are busy
6 invalid protocol request
7 daemon terminated
8 invalid media ID
9 invalid media type
10 invalid barcode
11 invalid description
12 invalid robot type
13 invalid robot number
14 invalid robot host
15 invalid volgroup
16 invalid robot coord1
18 cannot allocate requested memory
19 invalid database host
20 protocol error
21 cannot obtain daemon lockfile
22 pool type change is not allowed for pool
23 database server is down
25 failed making the database directory
26 database open operation failed
27 database read record operation failed
28 database read operation read too few bytes
32 database write record operation failed
34 media ID not unique in database
35 volume does not exist in database
36 barcode not unique in database
37 robotic volume position is already in use
39 network protocol error
40 unexpected data received
41 invalid media ID for naming mode
42 cannot connect to robotic software daemon
43 failed sending to robotic software daemon
44 failed receiving from robotic software daemon
45 failed changing terminal characteristics
46 unexpected data from robotic software daemon
47 no entries changed
48 no entries deleted
49 no entries inserted
50 invalid change-entry request
51 cannot auto-eject this robot type
52 cannot auto-inject this robot type
53 invalid volume move mode
54 robot number and robot type mismatch
55 robot number and volume group mismatch
57 error auto-generating volume group
58 daemon cannot obtain socket
59 daemon failed accepting connection
60 cannot perform operation on this host
61 robot number and robot host mismatch
62 failed redirecting input to pipe
63 child process killed by signal
64 no child process to wait for
65 volume group does not exist
67 unable to send exit status
68 too many volumes in volume group
69 failed sending request to vmd
70 cannot connect to vmd [on host host name]
71 failed sending to vmd
72 failed receiving from vmd
73 invalid query type
74 invalid number of cleanings
75 invalid change type
76 cannot get host name
78 barcode does not exist in database
79 specified robot is unknown to vmd
80 cannot update database due to existing errors
81 robot type and volume group mismatch
82 robot host and volume group mismatch
83 device management error
84 this machine is not the database host
85 volume daemon fork failed
86 failed opening tmp output file
87 failed redirecting tmp output file
88 failed initiating child process
89 another daemon already exists
90 invalid volume pool
92 cannot delete assigned volume
93 volume is already assigned
94 volume is not in specified pool
95 media ID is not the specified media type
96 oprd returned abnormal status
97 rule does not exist in rule database
101 media type and volume group mismatch
102 invalid pool database entry
104 failed appending to pool database
105 poolname is not unique in pool database
109 pool does not exist in pool database
110 pool is in use
111 the specified pool is not empty
112 no pools in the pool list
113 invalid expiration date
114 invalid maximum mounts
115 volume has passed expiration date
116 volume has exceeded maximum mounts
117 operation not allowed on cleaning cartridge
118 cannot delete one of the default volume pools
119 invalid rule database entry
121 failed appending to rule database
122 barcode tag is not unique in rule database
126 not authorized to connect to vmd
127 unable to generate a unique media ID
128 invalid drive name
129 invalid drive name
130 requested drive is already reserved
131 requested drive is not registered for host
132 requested drive is not currently registered
133 requested drive is not reserved by host
134 requested drive is not currently reserved
135 requested host is not currently registered
136 invalid host name
137 oprd request is not supported on the remote host
138 media generation rule already exists
139 media generation rule does not exist
140 invalid media generation rule
141 invalid number of mounts
142 invalid off-site location
143 invalid off-site sent date
144 invalid off-site return date
145 requested drive is already reserved by host
146 incompatible database version
147 invalid off-site slot
148 invalid off-site session ID
149 current version does not support this configuration
150 registering this host would exceed the maximum allowed
152 global device database record not found
153 device entry is not unique in global device database
155 global device database append operation failed
160 the global device database device type is invalid
162 the global device database device name is invalid
163 the operation requested has failed
164 the robotic daemon returned an invalid volume GUID
165 Evaluation period expired. Go to www.veritas.com to order this product
166 media access port not available
167 ADAMM GUID is not unique in the database
168 ADAMM GUID does not exist in database
169 internal database access failure
171 a scratch pool is already defined
172 pool not defined as a scratch pool
173 invalid scratch pool name
175 unable to open the device test state file
176 unable to find any records in the device test database
177 request can only be performed on the Media and Device Management Domain Server
181 not authorized to connect to robotic daemon
182 device test state file does not exist
185 the robotic library is full and may still have media in its map
186 invalid container ID
187 VxSS authentication failed
188 VxSS Access Denied
189 failed to initialize a connection to the Enterprise Media Manager
190 the request sent to the Device Allocator has failed
191 invalid EMM argument
192 unknown EMM error code
193 generic EMM SQL error
194 EMM DB record not found
195 CORBA communication error
196 EMM database error
198 pool not defined as a catalog backup pool
199 the media is allocated for use

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