October 21, 2021

build-essential Installation on Ubuntu 18.04 Linux

If we are going to compile C program on Ubuntu Linux, we need a suitable compiler for compiling our C source code which is running on Ubuntu. For that, we need a build-essentials. The build-essentials package is a reference for all the packages needed to compile a Debian package. It generally includes the GCC/g++ compilers and libraries and some other utilities. At this article we will explain how to install build-essential on Ubuntu 18.04 TLS Linux.

If we install the build-essential package, its meant we will also install additional libraries as well as gcc compiler. And the build-essential is a metapackage that installs many other packages, like G++, GCC, dpkg-dev, make,etc. So if you need to install C/C++ compiler, you just need to install build-essential package on your machine.

Before installing any new software on our Ubuntu, we have to update our system with latest repository by executing sudo apt update command.

Install build-essential Package

The build-essential bundle is as of now accessible on the default Ubuntu repository, so if we are going to install it, just a simple step to be taken, only use apt install command.

Check/verify Installation

After installation package was succesfull done, then we have to verifty the installation result by checking for GCC version. The command is as : gcc --version.

ramans@ubuntu:~$ gcc --version

The build-essential package was installed done, the next step we can run the compiler for C script languaged. Let’s try to make some C program.

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